Kailong group in 2017 spring expansion activities


 In order to thank all of you for your efforts and dedication, and further enhance team cohesion, Kchibo group has organized more than 60 employees and family members to travel to Yuntai Mountain from 24 to 26 in April 2017. Yuntai Mountain is located in Henan province Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, the country's five A-level scenic area, Mastixia peak Yuntai tempo drop 314 meters, is one of the biggest falls Chinese found the gap.
The morning of the 24 day we were in the male district and Shijiazhuang city gather boarded a road with laughter all the way into space. After six hours and finally arrived at the beautiful scenery and majestic verdant at the foot of Yuntai Mountain. Along the road, within the scenic valley, staggered trees, meandering streams and waterfalls more sound can be heard, the air filled with the smell of people unable to restrain the emotions gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, into the embrace of nature. Quanbao gap, red stone, waterfall gorge, Qinglong Gorge, Lake Valley, Diecai, rhesus monkey ovary hole...... In the vivid explanation of the tour guide, we listened with great interest and breathed the freshness of the mountain forest at the same time. The second day climb Mastixia peak, not only a stone staircase cableway and narrow sometimes above the clouds, we Kchibo did not retreat, under boss led a boldly launched a challenge to the highest peak. When we arrived at an altitude of 1308 meters of the peak of mount all hours, can not help but think of the great poet Wang Wei's famous September 9th "Shandong Yi brothers": "alone in a foreign land, every day only pro, energy-saving, wear cornel but one person." 26 days after breakfast we put on camouflage clothing began to expand the training instructors, issued a directive, training a ring and then a tension ring, let everyone tired and lazy yesterday morning swept away. Through expansion, we have felt the great strength of unity and the light of collective wisdom, and we are tired and happy.
The happy time always passed quickly, and in the twinkling of an eye, the three day had passed, and when it was time for the return trip, everyone returned home with a light heart. Finally, I wish the Kchibo million prosperous group, I wish all employees happy!


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