About Us


KaiLongYiSheng Technology Group Co.,Ltd under the jurisdiction of Hebei golden Kaiwang Garment Textile Co. Ltd., Hebei Tian Rong Textile Co. Ltd., KaiLongYiSheng Technology Group Co.,Ltd, which is a completely integrated manufacturing system, independent import and export rights and international sales network group company.
Company to operate all the clothes and accessories, including pocket cloth, waist, fabric, lining and lining. The products are exported to Vietnam, Kampuchea, Indonesia, India, Egypt and other countries, by Perry Ellis, Haggar Louis, Raphae and other European brands used, with independent technology standards to become Asia's leading garment accessories manufacturers.
Company Nissan for 200 thousand yards and 85 thousand yards cloth bag, waist, 250 thousand yards with volume and sewing cloth 150 thousand yards, product styles, and fashion trends, fashion elements and innovative ideas into product design and development, with the unique style and excellent quality to win the favor of the market!