Kailong Group WeChat public platform is online


In order to enhance propaganda, to broaden the channels for business development, open to understand the new development of domestic and foreign textile industry new technology, Kchibo windows, billion Sheng Group officially opened the "Hebei Kchibo evenshine Technology Co. Ltd." WeChat public in September 12, 2017.
The on-line "Hebei Kchibo evenshine Technology Co. Ltd." WeChat public number belongs to the service number, set up the company's official website "," brand "," about us "three plates and" brand "and" product catalog "and" enterprise culture "," dynamic "and other columns. The main content of the group is the development of the company and product introduction, domestic and foreign textiles in the field of new technologies, developments and so on.
WeChat users can search for "kailong-group" or "Hebei Kchibo Sheng Technology Co., Ltd." concern, you can also scan the next two-dimensional code, direct attention!

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